Established nearly 20 years ago, BIOTRADE is a family business run by dermatologists. In the beginning of their incorporation they had no major competition, so the need to invest in marketing especially branding and advertising was not on the agenda. Bulgaria’s market was mostly price led and the strategy was to cut costs and offer affordable medical cosmetics, which were the local alternative to premium foreign products.

Despite the professional and dedicated approach towards their compounds and formulas the company lacked a concrete visual and communication strategy. Every next product line was launched without consistency. When Bulgaria entered the EU in 2007 competition from big multinational companies became fierce. Most of them entered the market aggressively with clear marketing strategies. A rebrand was needed in order to position BIOTRADE as a professional skin care company with international aspirations.

An extensive research was done in order to identify customer needs and insights as well as industry trends. Having no clear visual identity a new logo was the starting point of the rebrand. In order to position BIOTRADE as skin health experts COSMECEUTICALS was added to the brand name. The package and label designs were approached with a medical, hygienic feel to them. The choice of typography was simple, contemporary and clean. The brand essence communicated a dedication to dermatology.

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